School Life Scandal-The After Effect

Today in class my English teacher asked how many of us missed our school , and preferred it over college life.Half of the students raised their hands and we were subjected to a series of tales about the wonderful times they had in their primary years. Everyone thinks that once the dreaded graduation is over and the torturous wait and arrival of the marks card is just a memory , as long as you have had a good time with your “friends” and you have got the good enough grades, you will miss school and that you will always want to go back. Trust me that is not the case . I always considered myself to have had a good school life and considered myself as one of those people who would go back and visit her teachers, but it hasn’t happened and it has nearly been a year since i left that place.

I think the main reason for that would be the after-effect or the chain of events that took place after the end of my school life . the slow gradual separation between the closest of friends , the separation from the teachers and also the relief of getting away from the constant pressure of parents,teachers and everything and everyone that was a part of who you were back then made me realize that it wasn’t so great after all. People tell you that those are the best years of your life ,but I believe no matter what a good time you have anywhere it’s always the after-effect. I think the best analogy for this would be to think about your crazy drunken nights where you completely lose your shit and you somehow manage to stay with your set of friends and not some random strangers, it is what it feels like in the morning. The horrible hangover consisting of: guilt,confusion,how your friends treat you and vomit-minus the vomit , but just a feeling of loss.

You feel used and tired , but at the same time you wonder what went wrong because you can’t remember. If your friends stick it out no matter what you do consider yourself lucky. But it has been statistically been proven that three-fourth of your school friendships don’t last. That’s exactly what i feel like.

But your school time is something you can’t forget because it was all of your firsts. Your first ‘A’, your first big girl bag, your first time on stage , your first crush, your first kiss, your first best friend, your first fight, your first win and it will always the first to your every last. A momentary relapse into my regrets and wishes regarding my disappointing and silly school life was not something i wanted to give out as my first blog post. But i just had to get it out there


The Danger of Playing Favorites


“Professor?” he said.

I was sitting at my desk. He was still in the doorway. He probably wanted me to ask him to sit, but I didn’t want to. I wanted him to leave so I could finish making the copies and then have a cup of coffee with my husband, whose office is down the hall.

“You should know something,” he said.

I didn’t make eye contact — not because I’m shy but because I was hoping to indicate benevolent annoyance. “What’s that?” I said.

“People are talking,” he said.

“People are talking?”

“About your favorites.”

“My favorites?”

“Who your favorite students are.”

– At The Millions, author Hannah Pittard is equal parts fascinated and repulsed by favoritism. As a child, Pittard wanted to be the family favorite. Now an adult, Pittard must face her childhood desire to be loved and decide how she wants to translate her love for…

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